Impacts of TEAMS Noyce Scholars Program

The TEAMS Noyce Scholarship program at Appalachian (DUE 1540830) has produced mathematics and science teachers who are now in schools across the state and engaged in other teaching and learning opportunities.  TEAMS Scholars have been nominated for awards and have taken on leadership roles in their classrooms, schools, and professional organizations.  The TEAMS Noyce Scholarship program resulted in several presentations and writings, including many by our Scholars themselves.  

TEAMS leaders presented Challenges of Recruitment: The Teacher Education Context in North Carolina, a poster presentation at the 2018 Noyce Scholarship Summit (abstract found here)

TEAMS Noyce Scholars have also been newsworthy!  Check out Alana Patterson, Chris McCollum, and Chris Kolischak in this feature  and learn about Josh Gregory in this one.  

Building off the energy of the TEAMS Noyce Scholarship program, the  Department of Physics and Astronomy received a grant from the Physics Teacher Education Coalition to support recruitment and retention of physics teacher candidates.  Visit the PhysTEC at Appalachian site to see more.  

PhysTEC logo

We also created a newsletter specifically for mathematics and science teaching.  Samples are shared below: 

Newsletter 2017 sample

Newsletter 2019 sample

Newsletter 2020 sample